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Gerda’s Flowers in the heart of the “9 Streets”, specializes in creating high quality hand-tied bouquets. We draw inspiration directly from nature, special and seasonal flowers form the basis of our compositions.

Our philosophy: the beauty of a flower lies in its extravagant simplicity. With our floral arrangements, from classic to contemporary, we give a colourful, exuberant or subtle tone to your wedding, company party or ‘special event’.

For large prestigious objects such as the Rijksmuseum, we design and take care of the flower arrangement every week. Companies, boutique hotels, the media and private individuals can also come to us for inspired flower work, understated or exuberant, to your liking and our expertise.

In addition to flowers, we offerd a wide range of unique vases and pots from the brands as Domani and Ecri, Teruska glassware and mostly handmade items, designed by contemporary designers such as Henry Dean, Norman Trapman and Roderick Vos.

For those with a passion for orchids like us, we proudly present our varied collection of exotics. Or enjoy the simplicity and simple beauty of a single flower at Gerda’s Flowers. We deliver all over Amsterdam, you can place your order via our webshop, by phone and email or of course just walk in.


Bring your interior to life.
Shiny green leaves, a few loose branches or a vase full of colourful flowers, are really an indispensable atmosphere maker in any interior. Stop by our store to see which flowers are available this season. All flowers are sold individually and so you can have your bouquets put together by us according to your choice / preference / taste.

Wedding flower arrangements

Make it your own most beautiful memory.
Listening to your wishes, supplemented by our advice, we ensure that you can enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.


Beautiful green plants make a huge difference in atmosphere.
So if you don’t have them yet, get ready for an upgrade. However, we know that it is easy to get lost in the plant world, so here are some atmospheric images for inspiration. We would like to visit you for appropriate advice. Both for the decoration of, for example, the living room, but also for the decoration of a facade garden or roof terrace.

Outdoor projects

Creating the ultimate atmosphere
Let the right atmosphere of an outdoor location be designed, decorating a terrace or outdoor area both business and private, we can do all that for you. Stop by the store for no-committal advice.


The right accent
Wether you are in need of complete decoration of a location or decoration of a dinner. Both business and private we can help with that. Stop by the store for no-committal advice.

Funeral flower arrangements

Appropriate redress for the bereaved
For more information and a helping hand, you are immediately welcome by just coming along and making your wishes known.